How to Paint an Aluminum Canoe

Back in the days when modern materials such as fiberglass were still in their development stage, canoes were mostly made of wood and aluminum. Have you ever tried to paint on any aluminum surfaces before? It’s a mind-boggling job since ordinary paints will not stick to aluminum. This is the dilemma of thousands of people who have inherited aluminum canoes.

Canoes are very handy to have. You can do lots of stuff with a canoe. You can do your weekly fishing with it, you can take your date and watch the birds with it, you can even take photographs with it, and of course, there’s the usual Saturday-afternoon river cruise. It would also be nice I the canoe you own is sleek-looking and has a nice glossy paint. However, painting an aluminum boat is not an easy task, but it is a possible thing to do.

Here are some handy tips for those people who would want to paint their aluminum canoes:

1. Make sure that you want to paint the aluminum canoe.

There are aluminum canoes that don’t need any kind of painting. These canoes were not made to be painted in any way because the natural beauty of the aluminum is the main foundation of its design. However, there are aluminum boats that really need a good painting job. Some of these boats are originally painted and the paint has worn off but if the aluminum is galvanized, there might be no need to paint it.

2. Remove all the remaining paint from the canoe

Removing the paint from the aluminum canoe is a must, just like what others would do when painting old cars or other vehicles. Paint removal ensures that the surface is free of dirt and it will smoothen the surface once again. Paint removal is also necessary to be able to see if there is corrosion underneath the surface. Substantial amounts of corrosion may suggest that the use of the canoe may not be worth after all.

There are many types of paint removal kits out there in the market and these usually cost around 15 US dollars.

3. Sand the canoe

After the paint has been removed from the canoe, it is time to sand it. This will ensure the smoothness of the canoes surface which will play an important role in the overall finish of the paint job. One can use a professional sanding tool or perhaps if he has no budget for that or simply has some time to spend, he can do this manually.

4. Apply the primer

There are different views on the type of primer that should be applied to aluminum surfaces. Perhaps the most recommended primer is a primer which contains a substance called chromate. There are available primers out there- magnesium chromate or zinc chromate which can be used for aluminum surfaces. Others would prefer an aluminum oxide primer. Make sure that you wear some kind of protection to avoid inhaling these substances because these are very dangerous to human health. Make sure that there is good ventilation in the painting area.

One can also apply a self etching primer (one coat is enough), then apply a couple of coats of epoxy primer which can be purchased in any automobile paint store.

5. Apply finish

One can actually use automotive paint after the primer has been applied. Make sure that the primer is properly applied because ordinary paints won’t stick with aluminum. You can ask your local automotive paints dealer regarding the kind of finish that you would want to give your canoe.

A nice canoe deserves a nice paint job. Aluminum canoes can be made into colorful ones through the use of proper materials and the right methods. Enjoy painting your canoe!

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Car Scratch Remover – Protect Your Paint Finish This Winter

Winter time is here and have you ever wondered what has the biggest impact on fending off car scratches and hopefully not needing car scratch removers? It is something that you might not consider as your first line of defense when trying to protect your car finish against car scratches and the need for car scratch removers. The best strategy to protect your paint this winter is to keep it clean and keep it protected. I am going to give you a strategy to keep the car finish on your car, truck, SUV, minivan etc protected this winter and in the spring your car paint finish will emerge better than ever.

Step one: keeping the paint finish clean: Good way. Keep your car paint clean as is reasonable given weather conditions. Avoid automatic car washes since they are notorious for inflicting micro car paint scratches. Hand wash at home (weather permitting) or take your vehicle to a do it yourself wash, only use clean micro fiber towels for cleaning or drying.

Best way. The best way to keep your paint finish clean in cold weather is with a modern waterless car wash system. This consists of a special spray and micro fiber towel which removes road grit and dirt without water and without scratching the paint finish. The finest waterless car wash systems contain an acrylic polymer that bonds to the paint to create a slick barrier that repels grit and prevents road grit and dirt from sticking to the paint finish. You can use a waterless car wash product like this when your hoses are all frozen and you have no source of running water.

Step Two: keep your car paint finish protected: Your first line of defense against Mother Nature this winter is a quality automotive paint sealant. Modern professional paint sealants are the best way to ensure your paint finish stays in tip top shape year round.

The modern automotive paint finish sealant; sealant technology originally came from the aircraft industry. Chemist cleverly developed a synthetic formulas that actually bond chemically to the paint finish and lasts for 6-8 months! Because of the chemistry, sealants deliver a very hard coating that is extremely slippery…and happens to be about the best protection you can get from ordinary scuffs and scratches, superior UV protection and of course abusive automatic carwashes!

A typical auto wax found in an auto parts store simply doesn’t cut it in the real world for real lasting protection. Typically ordinary car wax only lasts for approx 2 weeks. Ordinary car wax simply washes away and evaporates very quickly.

Spend just a little time in the spring and fall by applying a premium paint sealant and your car will be protected from the elements all year round.

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Automotive Spray Paint Guns

Automotive spray paint guns can be used for many different things such as painting a wall or your house, but mostly they are used in the automotive industry for car painting.

Automotive spray paint guns can cost as little as 100 dollars, but professional spray paint guns may cost more than 500 dollars, so before you buy it make sure for what kind of purposes you plan to use it. If you might want use it just once, for repainting your car, than better solution would be to go in an auto body shop and let the professionals to do the job. In that case you would spend (if you are looking for ordinary paint job) almost the same amount of money as the average cost of paint job is about from 300 to 500 dollars and you won’t lose your time with painting on your own. But in the opposite case, when you plan to do multiple car paint jobs and maybe planning to become a professional amateur painter or even more, than you really should buy a spray gun as it is one of the most important tools for car painting.

For automotive painting beginners perfect gun is high volume, low pressure spray gun, called HVLP in short. It is efficient, less dangerous to your health and less dangerous for the environment in the comparison to others. Next, you will have to choose between siphon-feed and gravity-feed. Siphon-feed spray guns store their paint supply beneath the nozzle while gravity-feed spray guns do just the opposite as they store their paint supply above the nozzle. Gravity feed airbrushes have some advantages over the siphon feed airbrushes as they spray smoother, primarily because they don’t rely on air pressure to get paint to the needle. They use almost all the paint, because there is never any left in the bottom of the container and in the end the design makes it easier for us to maneuver in tight places.

When you are choosing a spray gun another important step to do is to choose the tip size. Tips range from about 1.3 mm to 2.0 mm. The larger the tip, the heavier the paint it is designed for. If you are on a budget, you will probably go for a spray gun with a single tip. Then you will have to choose a thing called an air compressor. Take one that meets the requirements of your spray gun. Obviously, you will need to factor in air compressor specs when you are choosing your spray gun. Spray guns are rated by cubic feet per minute (CFM) at a given psi. Choose a gun that does not demand excessive CFM or psi, so you won’t have to buy a world-class air compressor just to keep up with it.

This is the majority of things that you have to know when you are choosing a spraying technology for car painting.

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